What Are Average Carpet Cleaning Prices?

​Before hiring any carpet cleaner, it is good to research and find the right professional who is not only affordable but also fit for the task. The carpet cleaning package should include all the essential services. Going for the low-priced services doesn't guarantee quality cleaning. The price should not be the driving factor. This is because some companies may offer cheap services but have other attached services to sell. It is paramount to hire a cleaner based on the quality of work and external recommendations.

Various factors are considered when determining the cost of carpet cleaning services. The two commonly used pricing policies include:

 -Per room​
 -Per square foot basis

The average cost of per room basis is about $51, and the cost can range from $25-$75. On the other hand, per square foot prices can range from $0.30-$0.50 per square foot. The prices cover the cost of raw materials used, labor and quality guarantee like IIRC compliance. The costs are only estimates and you should beware of add-ons for services such as targeted cleaning and more. It is advisable to consider such costs by asking the cleaner before hiring them. Be very careful when it comes to carpet cleaning promotions. You should ask for an all-inclusive carpet cleaning quote to avoid possible surprises.

Other companies may offer estimates that are hard to believe. Such estimates are just meant to lure you into signing up for the contract. Ensure that you go for the right estimate that won't put you into traps or extra charges.

Although there are several carpet cleaning methods that can get the task done, always insist on choosing the right method to avoid impacting on the lifespan of your carpets. The best way to select the right carpet cleaning method is to follow the recommendations of your carpet manufacturer. This not only reduces damages but also safeguards your warranty.