​Carpet ​Cleaning ​Methods in Rockford, Il

​While anyone can clean carpets, only professionals can do it right. Professional carpet cleaners use different cleaning methods to clean dirty carpets and rugs. The type of carpet cleaning method to employ depends on the cost, environmental conditions, type of carpet fiber and how dirty the carpet is. Below are four different methods of cleaning carpets used by professionals.

​1.  Steam Cleaning

​Steam cleaning, also referred to as hot water extraction, is a commonly used cleaning method. The method involves the use of hot water which is boiled then sprayed into carpets using high pressure. The heated water weakens the dirt lodged in carpets and is ideal in cleaning highly soiled carpets. A detergent may be used in case of stubborn dirt. The detergent, together with water and dirt, is later drawn out using a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning is best-suited for removing allergens, bad odor, killing bacteria and dust mites from carpets. However, the major drawback of steam cleaning is the longer drying time.

​2​. Shampoo ​Cleaning

​This is a true and tried carpet cleaning method that is preferred by most professional cleaners. A carpet cleaning solution or shampoo is applied to the carpets then scrubbed in a circular manner with a brush. Shampoo cleaning is ideal for low-pile and deeply soiled carpets. Unlike steam cleaning that uses extraction, shampoo cleaning involves vacuuming which helps to remove residues and soil. Although it is an original carpet cleaning method, it is not very effective when cleaning seriously soiled carpets like steam cleaning.

​3. Dry ​Cleaning

​In dry cleaning, a small amount of absorbent is sprinkled over carpets then spread using an automated brush. The compound dissolves both the soil and dirt in the carpets. A vacuum cleaner is then used to suck the dirt and compound from the carpets leaving them clean. No water is used in this process and is ideal for those who need faster drying time. It is also beneficial for carpets that are vulnerable to damage such as hemp, sisal and others that have natural fiber.

​4.  Bonnet ​Carpet ​Cleaning

​This method is often confused with dry cleaning but is quite different. In dry bonnet cleaning, a special cleaning agent is combined with carbonated water then spread over the carpets using a bonnet or rotating buffer. The aim is to make the pad soak up all the dirt in the carpet fibers. The problem with this method is that the machine scrubs downward, which tends to compress the pile and prevent the buffer from going deep into the carpet fibers. Therefore, it doesn't provide deep cleaning solutions and should only be used for temporary cleaning. It doesn't suffice intensive carpet cleaning.